Welcome to Insurance Data Science

When we started the R in Insurance conference in 2013, we had the aim of bringing practitioners of industry and academia together to discuss, exchange ideas and needs from both sides.

R was and is a perfect glue between the two groups, a tool which both side embrace and which has fostered the knowledge transfer between the two. However, R is just one example and other languages serve this purpose equally well. Python is a good example for another popular language, but also Julia and Stan have gained momentum.

For that reason we are planning to rebrand our conference series to “Insurance Data Science”. We believe by removing the explicit link to “R” we have more freedom to stay relevant and embrace whatever technology may evolve in the future.

Additionally, we are exploring the idea to add a training course day to the conference for dedicated tutorials (for an extra fee), similar to how the R in Finance and useR! conference operate.

Additional London co-organisers

We are delighted that we have found friends and colleagues in London, who are keen to get involved. From Cass Business School Jaap Spreeuw will work alongside Andreas, while Jon Sedar (Applied AI) and Davide de March (Lloyd’s) have expressed their interest to represent the industry with Markus Gesmann as well.